I get by with a little help from my friends.

When launching Freelance, and Business, and Stuff: the Online Course, we carefully considered the price. We set it at a price point that could be recouped if students land just one to two jobs from the lessons learned in this course.

To make it even more accessible, we also offer payment options to further relieve the upfront cost. All that being said, sometimes life is a little more complicated, and you need a bit more help.

If 1.) you've got your creative craft dialed 2.) you're willing to put the hard work in 3.) you believe the FABAS Online Course can truly help you get your creative business thriving 4.) you need financial assistance, then please fill out this form to be considered for a partial or full FABAS scholarship. We set aside a certain amount of scholarships to giveaway each year, sponsored by Hoodzpah, Inc.

Want to sponsor a student?