• Is enrollment open for a limited time or can I sign up for these classes whenever?

    Enrollment is always open! We want it to be as accessible as possible, so it's there when you're ready for it :)

  • What kind of "creatives" is the course made for?

    The principles for starting and running a successful business are fairly universal, so this course will be largely applicable to any kind of visual creative. We ourselves are brand, type and illustration designers, so our personal experience might sway more to that perspective. But past attendees have included photographers, videographers, illustrators, brand designers, digital designers, type designers, 3D designers and even a writer.

  • I don't live in the USA, will this course still apply to me?

    Most of the course will definitely still apply to you. "Setting up your business" and "Licenses and permits" (in the full Holy Grail course) are the only lessons tailored with information to US business practices, but we also give you advice on how to find the information for your own country.

  • Is this a monthly subscription?

    In order to make the price more accessible, we setup the courses to be paid across monthly installments, rather than all at once. But don't worry, THE SUBSCRIPTION IS NOT ONGOING. It's limited, and will end as soon as the total amount of the course is paid. For example, the Holy Grail course is $x/month for 5 months.

  • When will the subscription/installment be due each month?

    The subscriptions are billed monthly on the same day that you initially purchased on. This happens automatically, and you don't need to do anything. So, if you purchased the subscription on the 16th, it should always charge you on the 16th of the month. If the date isn't in a specific month, the closest day will be used.

  • Do I use my login and password for the Hoodzpah store to login for the course?

    Our course is hosted through Thinkific, which is a separate platform from our Hoodzpah shop. So you'll have to create a user profile specifically for this course to login. Your Hoodzpah store login wont work.

  • If I've already read "Freelance, and Business, and Stuff" the book, will I get much more out of the course?

    The online course takes what's in the book and expands upon it, also bringing in a level of accountability and personal application in the form of: 3x the worksheets as are included in the book, 4 business templates (that we use with clients at Hoodzpah) for you to download and use and make your own (A $120 value), and more conversational deep dives with anecdotes and specifics. On top of that, there is the incredible value of being a part of the FABAS Community slack channel where you can find accountability, ask questions specific to you, and get feedback from The Hoods and a slew of other FABAS students with unique perspectives and experiences. Think of the book as the textbook. If you read the textbook, you will get a ton out of it! But many prefer to have a teacher walk them through concepts, and that's what this online course offers through video and audio lectures.

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