Learn to start and run your own creative business.

8 modules, 48 lessons, 31 worksheets, 4 Business Templates, and 1 Slack Community. Plus, free access to new lessons (we're adding more regularly)

Based on our touring workshop, book, and Professional Practices curriculum we developed for Laguna College of Art and Design

Learning Outcomes:

👏 Start your own creative studio/freelance career

📈 Make your current business more profitable

💰 Charge for value, not just for hours

🤑 Quote and present pricing to land bigger/better work

🔥 Find and attract dream clients in dream industries

🕹️ Lead a project rather than be dragged through it

🎱 Set expectations and goals to win more approvals 

⏳ Streamline your process so you can live your life

💲Understand and manage your finances

🙏 Plus tons more (we're adding new content monthly)!

"Thanks to everything I learned, I met my yearly goals and beyond...

The workshop forever changed how I showcase myself and my company, stay on track of financials, and remain organized with files and documents. Jen and Amy do a stellar job of communicating from start to finish, and the vibe feels more like a conversation than a lesson...which allowed me to be focused and absorb a lot of wisdom and guidance. It was the best investment in myself I could have made, and I'll forever reap the benefits of their exercises and friendship.”
Chris Porter

"I would 14/10 recommend taking this class by the Hood sisters.

Learning all these skills gave me the confidence to start charging my worth and take my clients through a streamlined process that is stress-free."
Katie Cooper

“It felt like I was given a blueprint to the industry.

I’ve read a few books on freelancing and watched videos and Skillshare classes on the subject, and they always seemed to leave me with a lot of unanswered questions. But this workshop was so packed with valuable information I felt like nothing was left out. It really seemed like you guys were sharing secrets I couldn’t find anywhere else.”
Glenn Kelly

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  • 34 Video Lessons and Counting

    We walk you through everything from contracts to negotiating a price to presenting a proof in over 3 hours worth of video content. Including behind the scenes numbers and insights on how we run things at Hoodzpah.

  • 34 Exercises and Worksheets

    With this course you get our 34 page workbook download, broken into easy to manage sections with 31 exercises and actionable steps to figure out your brand voice, pricing (hourly & flat rate), positioning, ideal clients, and how to land them!

  • 14 Templates & Resources

    1. Our ★★★★★ Bestselling Proposal Deck Template,
    2. Client Discovery Questionnaire,
    3. Discovery Deck Template,
    4. Proof Deck Template.
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  • The FABAS Community

    Access to Amy and Jen Hood and the FABAS Slack community where you can ask questions, get feedback on work, and find likeminded freelance entrepreneurs.

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    Access to all future lessons and added material. We will be adding new content monthly.


Freelance, & Business, & Stuff Video Course Avg. U.S. 4 Year Public College Course Avg. U.S. 4 Year Private College Course
$495 😁

$99/mo. for 5 months
(less than the avg. U.S. monthly  phone bill: $114*)

3–5 credits per course at $325/credit**

3–5 credits per course at $1,039/credit**

*US Bureau of Labor Statistics   **studentloanhero.com 

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Pay in 5 manageable installments, or pay in full up front for 10% off

This course is for you if you are...

→ Part time freelancers:
If you want to step up your side hustle, this is for you. 

→ Newbs to freelancing: 
If you aren’t sure where to even start, this is for you. 

→ College graduates: 
If you didn't take Professional Practices, this is for you.

Amy Hood and Jennifer Hood filming Freelance and Business and Stuff with Voda Films

"I think Jen and Amy's course should be mandatory in every design school.”

“If you're currently a freelance creative or thinking about making the big switch to being your own boss, this course is an absolute must. Not only will Jen and Amy arm you with the tools you need to succeed as your own studio and brand, but they will give you the confidence to present yourself in a way you never have before."
Gretchen Mayer

What topics does this course cover?

Glad you asked...

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Branding and Positioning

    • Position Your Brand

    • Define Your Brand Personality Traits

    • Name Your Business

    • Write Your Brand Messaging

    • Make a Business Plan

  • 3

    Setting Up Your Business

    • Setting Up Your Business (USA)

    • Collaborator Agreements

    • Registering, Licenses, and Permits

    • A Team

    • Insurance (USA)

    • Banking and Accounting

    • Resources: Accounting & Financials

    • Tax Write Offs / Deductions (USA)

    • Business Plan

  • 4

    Systems, Procedures, and Streamlining Your Business

    • Organizing Your Files

    • Client Relationship Management System

    • Project Management

    • Project Runsheet Template

    • Resources: Project/Client Management

  • 5

    Running a Project, Winning Approvals, and Keeping Clients Happy

    • Project Workflow

    • Contracts

    • Resources: Contracts

    • Discovery

    • Template: Discovery Deck

    • Presenting Work

    • Template: Proof Deck Round 1

  • 6

    Budgeting and Pricing

    • Personal Budget - Determining Your Salary

    • Making a Business Budget

    • Expense Hacks

    • Pricing

    • Hourly Rate

    • Flat Rate

    • Raising Your Rates

    • Building Your F* Fund

  • 7

    Presenting Quotes, Negotiation, and Healthy Finances

    • Create A Proposal

    • Pricing & Negotiating

    • Making an Income Plan

    • Passive Income

    • Ongoing Work

    • Keeping Up With Your Financial Health

    • Template: Project Proposal

  • 8

    Getting Work and Wooing Dream Clients

    • Clients are Just Humans

    • Getting Clients 101

    • Make Great Case Studies

    • Making a Compliant and Accessible Website

    • Making the Work You Want To Get

    • Connecting With Dream Clients

    • Which Projects to Take On

    • Job Boards: To Do or Not to Do?

    • Resources: Subcontract or Refer

    • Resources: Marketing & Promotion

    • Resources: Conferences & Creative Communities

    • Resources: Ongoing Education (Creative and Business)

    • So Long and Good Luck!

"One of the best decisions I made for my creative career since going full time freelance.

Nobody has ever been so clear with me about how to approach clients, pricing and how to tackle my brand as a creative. Being surrounded by designers and taught by two incredibly talented designers, I wasn't sure how I was going to fit in as a more traditionally trained artist but the course was so well laid out it was easy for me to find my own space within the curriculum. 10 out of 10 would recommend."
Lindsay Stripling

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Setting Up a Business

Branding & Positioning

Systems, Procedures, and Streamlining Your Business

Running a Project, Winning Approvals, and Keeping Clients Happy

Budgeting & Pricing


Presenting Quotes, Negotiating, and Healthy Finances

Getting Work and Wooing Dream Clients

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